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Cheaper than buying the paper. 6/10

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Currently, Verizon offers only 2 sudoku games, this one, and Sudoku Garden. Compared to Sudoku Garden, this game deserves a 10. Compared to other mobile sudoku games out there, I couldn't be so generous. The puzzles have one solution which is attainable with some effort even on the most difficult level. The joystick is used for navigation and the number keys for entering numbers. If you think this comment is stupid, read my Sudoku Garden review. The time is clearly shown. The font is plain and easy on the eyes. The cell groups are different colors, making it easier to see where one ends and the other begins. And now for the bad parts. The game has no puzzle generator. Once you solved today's puzzle and the 29 in the archive, you're stuck with having one puzzle per day. There are 5 difficulty levels, unfortunately, you don't get to choose which one you get to play. The puzzles are from the newspaper and the difficulty level is chosen by the puzzle generator there. Another minus is the inability to compare your solution time with others. If you love sudoku and are stuck with Verizon, get this game. If you have another carrier, they probably have a better sudoku game.