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Sudoku Garden

A garden of thorns 1/10

Garden Sudoku
  • Available on most carriers

What horrible crap. Go give $2.99 to the hobo down the street so he can buy some booze, at least then someone will get some enjoyment from your money. Not only does it seems that the game was designed by people who never played sudoku, they also never heard of playtesting. You can't enter more than 1 number in a cell. Number keys are used for movement, and if you want to enter a number in a cell, you have to click on it and only then enter the number. The puzzles that are generated very often have more than one solution. This, by itself, is not a problem. What the problem is is that the program will accept only 1 solution and not the others. The game description boasts different skill levels. What this actually means is that there are different hint levels, the puzzle complexity is still the same. The game description also boasts about a puzzle solver. Instead of paying $2.99 for a puzzle solver, wait until you get to a computer and use any of the free ones online. Do not get this game. No! Kekkou desu! Iiye!